Lilla Kakel Fabriken's original handmade ceramic jewellery is available in many shapes, colours and patterns.


All of TinyTileWorks™ jewellery is designed, made and glazed at Lilla Kakel Fabriken.


Each piece is unique and decorated with real gold and/or platinum.

Our rings and earrings are 20 to 30 mm large.


The pendants are glazed on both sides for a smooth finish and vary in size between 35 and 65 mm.


The necklaces are made of quality fabrics (silk or polyester) filled with beads and are decorated with washers, nuts and beads on the outside. Their length can be adapted to be short around the neck or dangling down to ca 370 mm including the pendant. Some come with an elastic which results in a fancy crinkle effect of the fabric.


The fabrics are stain proofed but if necessary stains can be brushed or hand-washed off.


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