Lilla Kakel Fabriken / Tiny Tile Works is situated in the charming seaside village Viken


An example of a decor made by Lilla

Kakel Fabriken / Tiny Tile Works

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Gunhild Fleiter-Carlson


Lilla Kakel Fabriken



Fogelsångsgatan 4

263 61 Viken, Sweden


Tel: +46 (0)768 76 12 50





Lilla Kakel Fabriken means "The Little Tile Factory" in Swedish, hence the trademark TinyTileWorks™. It offers a broad range of ceramic arts and crafts articles like unique hand-made and hand-painted tiles, tiled boards, name-plates, house-number-plates, decors and jewellery.

I personally design, make and paint all of these products by hand. Characteristic for all of the TinyTileWorks™ products is their "natural hand-made look" - without the soulless perfection of the machine-made. No tile will ever be identical, not even in colour.

The development of new designs to enrich my range is ongoing. My designs are often created by using every-day objects in an unusual way. I often use different techniques on the same product to create design, colour and texture. I am happy to produce personalized, made to measure items by adapting elements like colour, style, shape and size from examples in my catalogue. Pictures of decors can be ordered and then enlarged on canvas or paper by specialsit companies. You can book ceramic "have a go"-sessions with family and friends. You can also buy vouchers for sessions or products. You are always welcome to contact me for further enquiries.

Gunhild Fleiter-Carlson





  • Prices are indicative only as labour and material cost may vary from case to case


  • Vat included


  • Postage excluded


  • 20% down-payment with order


  • Settlement prior to shipment


  • Prices can be revised by LKF except for previously existing orders


  • Discounts for quantity can be discussed


  • Delivery: ca 6 weeks or according to agreement





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