Book a ceramic session at Lilla Kakel Fabriken!

You will learn to use different ways to give shape, pattern and colour to clay.

You can make your own jewellery, tiles, name-plate, house-number-plate, decors, sculptures, pots, plates, mugs, accessories for your kitchen or bathroom and lots more!

Not only is working with clay known to be therapeutic but it also offers an occasion to spend quality time with family and friends

with a creation which will give enourmous satisfaction to each of you.


Products need to dry and be biscuit-fired, glazed and fired again before they can be collected or sent a few weeks later.




Courses for parties of 2 - 4 participants, minimum 2 hrs

This is a course which is ideal for friends, colleagues or families who want to celebrate an occasion or enjoy a special experience together.

These courses need to be booked.


If you are 2 people in a session the rate is 200,for 3 or 4 people it is 150kr per hour and participant.

There is an additional fee for clay at 50kr per kilo, including firings and glazes.
Prices are ex Moms for companies.

The minimum time for a session is 2 hours but can be extended up to 4 hours.
Any time needed to finish off your project thereafter will be calculated as 15 minute slots at a quarter of above price.




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